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Aw, gee. Thanks!

“Please” and “thank you” are among the first set of words taught to children. They are words most people use every day. And when studying a foreign language or traveling to a distant country, “please” and “thank you” are not simply the first group of foreign words we learn, they’re used with high frequency, and some would argue, are among the most important words we use.


Because “please” and “thank you” convey important information. “Please” and “thank you” are polite and show gratitude, help foster good relations, and in the case of “thank you,” often warrant a formal gesture in the form of a thank you note, a thank you postcard, or a handwritten thank you written on personalized stationery.

From time to time, we all need to say “please” and “thank you.”

At BambooInk, we’re in the “thank you” business

 “Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.”

—Fred De Witt Van Amburgh, Cartographer

Why are custom printed thank you cards important?

Because sometimes, those generic, bulk thank you cards and boxed thank you notes purchased from big-box retailers either aren’t appropriate, aren’t professional enough, or fail to capture or personalize a momentous occasion.

Personal thank you cards

In personal correspondence, such as graduation thank you cards, wedding thank you cards, bridal thank you cards, and baby shower thank you cards, saying “thank you” lets others know you appreciate them and are grateful for the kindness they’ve shown. Custom photo cards allow you to share a memory from your special day. 

Professional thank you cards

For businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions, custom printed thank you cards show customers you appreciate them and value their business.

Think thank you notes are an unnecessary waste of time? Micah Solomon, customer service consultant and contributing writer to Forbes.com, kindly disagrees and explains why in his eye-opening May 11, 2014 article “How 13,000 Handwritten Thank-You Notes Built A Thriving Business” in which he writes:

 “Everyone has heard of the power of a first impression, but in our relief at completing something for a customer and our haste to get to the next one, we can forget to provide a clear and memorable ending to a customer interaction. The end, as much as the beginning, is a moment in time that psychological research show will linger in the memory of your customer: it can have a real effect on how customers view your company in days and months to come.”

When would you need custom printed thank you cards?

There are many reasons and occasions to use custom printed thank you cards.

  • To thank someone for their business
  • To express gratitude for a thoughtful gift
  • To say thank you for an opportunity
  • To express gratitude for a kind deed
  • To say thank you for commemorating a momentous occasion
  • To thank someone for their support or donation
  • To express goodwill
  • To say thank you after an interview or sales call
  • To wish a happy Thanksgiving

Setting aside the many reasons and opportunities to use custom printed thank you notes, do you ever wonder how to say thank you or what to write in a thank you note?

What to say in a thank you card?

Here are a few examples of how to write a thank you card:

  •       Thank you for your time.
  •       Thank you for attending.
  •       I value your thoughts and thank you for your insights.
  •       Thank you for your consideration.
  •       I appreciate you.
  •       Thank you for thinking of me.
  •       Your kindness is much appreciated.
  •       Thank you for your support.
  •       Thank you for the kind gift.

 “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

—William Arthur Ward, Writer

What are my printing options?


Your paper choice lets your content pop and creates an impression for your brand. Select high-quality paper to add durability, elegance, and let the recipients know you value them. Remember that the higher the paper weight measured in pounds, the thicker the paper. Consider increasing the paper weight for a difference your recipients can feel. You can use vellum to enhance your design.

Thank you cards can also be printed on high-quality eco-friendly papers. Printing on recycled paper saves virgin resources, conserves water, and shows your commitment to sustainability without sacrificing quality. Tree-free paper is an alternative if you wish to explore other renewable options.


With a name like BambooInk, you can imagine how much we like to talk about ink. Inks impact color, brightness, glossiness, color durability, and rub resistance. We offer vegetable-based inks for eco-friendly printing that are VOC free.


You can customize your fold to achieve various orientations and add flair.

Emboss or deboss

Embossing raises the front of the paper; debossing indents into the paper. They add elegance and a tactile appeal. Often the back of the paper will display the reverse image. Embossing can be used with foil stamps.

emboss and foil stamping on a card printed for VCU

The VCU School of the Arts Commencement invitation uses embossing and foil stamping for a dramatic impact.

Foil stamp

Foil application makes your work shine. Select metallic foil or choose from hundreds of colors to complement your design.

Die cut

Dies can be used to add a decorative cut to your thank you cards. We have over 600 dies currently available. Don’t see what you want? We can create a new custom die to achieve exactly the look you desire.

Spot UV/Spot Varnish

Highlight a logo, image, text, or graphic using selective application of UV coating. It adds depth and texture, and creates contrast and visual interest.

Learn more about our capabilities.

How much does it cost to print custom thank you cards?

The short answer? It depends.

There’s a wide variety of custom stationery, personalized notecards, thank you card and thank you postcard options available. Paper, design elements, print volume, and number of proofs affect printing costs. Use standard dies instead of creating custom ones to lessen your expense. For offset printing, increasing the number of thank you cards you order will decrease the cost per card so use a design for months or across campaigns. A professional printer like BambooInk can walk you through those options to ensure you receive the best set of custom printed thank you cards for your budget. Check out our case study to learn how we collaborated with one nonprofit to reduce their printing and mailing costs.

Ready to get started?

Give us ring or send an email. You can also submit your project for an estimate. 

And so, without further ado, for considering BambooInk for your custom printing needs, we’d like to say . . .

Aw, gee. Thanks!


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