We are good people who care. All of our employees are friends, some of them are family, and each of them is incredibly experienced and sharp. Consequently, we encourage them to be a part of the solutions we provide clients, and we encourage you to get to know them. We’re a mighty sweet group.

Bob Rhodes
~ an expert waffle maker ~
“We’re a humble crew.”
Brooke Rhodes
Owner/Customer Service/Sales
~ loves a great cup of coffee ~
“We keep a sense of humor.”
Vincent Kiczales
Director Business Development
~ craves Peking Duck ~
“The ‘can do’ approach complements my day.”
Kevin Daly
Offset Pressman
~ maker of barbeque ~
“Our people are the best.”
David Frampton, account manager and sales
David Frampton
Account Manager/Sales
~ a sucker for KitKat bars ~
“Everyone here is a jokester.”
John Blanchard
Manager Digital Print Dept.
~ an uncanny sense of direction ~
“We have comraderie/team spirit.”
Lyn Spencer
Bindery Specialist
~ guitar & bass playing vocalist ~
“Where flexible schedules meet family.”
Charlie Rhodes
Assistant Plant Manager
~ lives for a bag of Fritos ~
“I like the people and the smell.”
Prepress Manager & IT
~ snacks on spicy dried Chevdo ~
“Employee contribution is valued.”
Courtney Mackey
Administrative Assistant
~ yardwork & cycling hobbyist ~
“Our tasks are diverse.”
Janice Lowry
Bindery Specialist
~ gardener and embroiderer ~
“Always something new and different.”
Lenny Velasquez
Graphic Designer ~ Prepress
~ creates memes on the side ~
“This is a relaxed environment.”
John Shoop
Sales Representative
~ loves sailing & the water ~
“Our team is flexible & personable.”
Robert Trexler
Offset Pressman
~ a sporting fisherman ~
“We’re just the right size.”