Beginning in 1888, IMB established the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®, an annual drive to fund and empower the international mission efforts for Southern Baptists.


The client needed to send their offering kits to 50 thousand Baptist Churches within the US. But the cost of the kit, box, and four folders of DVDs they’d sent the previous eight years was getting too high. They wanted more dollars to go to the fund and fewer to the mailing. Yet it still needed to be attractive, educational, empowering, and effective.


BambooInk and IMB jointly modified the kit’s pieces so they could fit in a flat envelope instead of in a shrink-wrapped box. We also combined gloss and dull varnishes over 4-color ink on the press to make imagery pop. We made a 4-color envelope by printing a flat sheet, then having it converted to an envelope. We also helped them determine mailing costs, then handled the mailing as part of our entire project for the new package.


Not only was the new mailing beautiful, it saved IMB close to 70% in postage alone. As of June 7, 2017, their 2016 offering has raised over $153 million.