A two-year college with two locations in the Richmond area providing workforce development, transfer degree programs, and career training.


Like many colleges, JTCC has a plethora of items to print–from student welcome packs to alumni materials. And it all has to follow JTCC’s brand and their guiding principal: Awe. It’s a feeling, a fundamental part of all their communications. They also need to work with organizations that are SWAM and EVA certified.


We not only shared the importance of JTCC’s guiding principal with the BambooInk team, we keep copies of the JTCC brand guidelines at our workstations for all future projects. From customer service, through prepress, in our press room, and into bindery–each person who touches a JTCC project understands they contribute to this awe factor.


Because we are vigilant at remaining SWAM & Micro-certified, JTCC can work with us on projects below $5000. And they can have us estimate and produce projects above $5000 through EVA. Each piece, each project–regardless of which BambooInk pressman or department works on it–matches what has been done before because it all goes back to those initial brand standards. So JTCC gets a collection of materials that are consistently awe-inspiring.