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Researching custom printers for restaurant, take-out, beverage or wedding menus?

At BambooInk, we’ve helped numerous companies and industries make enduring impressions through printed media. We’d love to work with you, too! 

take-out menu printed by BambooInk

We printed this take-out menu for Roots Natural Kitchen.

What types of custom menu printing do we offer?

At BambooInk, we print:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Take-out menus
  • Bar and cocktail menus
  • Beverage menus
  • Wedding menus
  • Wedding menu cards
  • Rehearsal dinner menus
  • Rehearsal dinner cards

You name it. We print it.

And we print it in all shapes and sizes, too. Knowing Richmond-based Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market prints coffee cards, juice cards, comment cards, and shelf tags, we worked with them to save costs and improve efficiency by ensuring items were “gang-run” (printed simultaneously). For instance, because they’re square cut, the juice and coffee cards are printed together.

coffee cards and juice cards printed for Ellwood Thompson's

Ellwood Thompson’s coffee and juice cards

(Not only that, for Ellwood Thompson’s, reordering with BambooInk is easy as pie!

What should you consider when designing your custom printed menu?

Some items to keep in mind when designing a custom printed menu:

  • Menus are marketing tools
  • Menus are educational tools
  • Menus are sales tools
  • Menu design influences what your customers order
  • Menus should strategically highlight particular items
  • Menus directly impact revenue and sales
  • Menu design should complement the image, colors, and concepts of the event, wedding, bar or restaurant

The menu is the most important internal marketing and sales tool a restaurant has to market its food and beverage to customers. It is the only piece of printed advertising that you are virtually 100 percent sure will be read by the guest. Once placed in the guest’s hand, it can directly influence not only what they will order but ultimately how much they will spend. Menu design directly influences sales revenue.”

Dave Pavesic, Ph.D., author of “The Psychology of Menu Design: Reinvent Your ‘Silent Salesperson’ to Increase Check Averages” reprinted from Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine on 

Why should you think of a menu like a business card?

Like a business card, menu design should complement the atmosphere, philosophy of food, and interior design of the restaurant whether that restaurant is fine-dining, casual, or fast food.

In addition to communicating these aesthetics to your customer, printed food and beverage menus employ a whole host of production elements to get their point across effectively.

What production items should you consider when printing a menu?

Give us a ring—we’d love to discuss the many options available to you. We’re a phone call away and eager to discuss:

  • Print style
  • Print size
  • Ink color
  • Paper style
  • Paper size
  • Paper texture
  • Paper finish
  • Fold formats (single-page, two-page/single-fold, three-panel/two-fold, etc.)
  • Graphic design
  • Artwork, photography, illustrations

Why do we recommend printing your menu on synthetic paper?

Need a menu that can withstand a lot of handling as well as indoor/outdoor use? Printing on synthetic paper may be the option for you.

Similar to the type of paper used in copiers and printers, synthetic paper isn’t a tree-based product; it’s made out of polyester. Waterproof and extremely durable, custom printed menus—or any product printed using synthetic paper (like ID cards, maps, banners, and photo printouts)—don’t require lamination, which has the added benefit of saving on production costs because there’s no need for laminating pouches or laminating film rolls.

At BambooInk, for our synthetic paper needs, we use Synaps paper. Why? Because Synaps paper is super cool. We dig it.

What is Synaps paper?

PVC-free, 100% polyester Synaps paper, a specialty product made by Agfa, produces high-quality print products with the look and feel of luxury paper that’s also:

  • Tear-resistant (but not tear-proof)
  • Water-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Compatible with most printers
  • Durable
  • And doesn’t require laminating

These features and more make synthetic paper (like the Synaps paper we use at BambooInk) a great option when custom printing menus for your restaurant, bar, or special event. Check out a user’s review of Synaps paper in the video below. 


Of course there are other paper options, too.

We offer a wide variety of papers and inks, many of which are eco-friendly, recycled, or tree-free. Our team is here to discuss the right paper for your menu and your mission.

So what’s on the menu? BambooInk.

Restaurant menus, take-out menus, beverage menus, wedding menus, rehearsal dinner menus . . . planning any menu is an important task. Planning the printing of your menu is an important task, too.

 Call BambooInk for knowledgeable, friendly advice from a team of experts eager to assist.

Need an estimate? Want to see samples? We can help with that, too. Get an estimate. 

We’re BambooInk.

Richmond-based and family-owned since 1995.

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