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Greetings from the team at BambooInk, savvy printers, stewards of kindness, and bringers of holiday cheer.

Whether corporate greeting cards, personalized holiday cards or family photo cards—custom printing your holiday and special occasion cards with BambooInk is fast, easy, and affordable.

Folded greeting cards, holiday photo postcards . . .  You name it, we do it.

Why did people start sending holiday greeting cards?

“A prominent educator and patron of the arts, Henry Cole travelled in the elite, social circles of early Victorian England, and had the misfortune of having too many friends.”

– John Hanc, author of “The History of the Christmas Card: Borne out of having too little time, the holiday greeting has boomed into a major industry.” Read more about the history of the greeting card industry on

What are the types of greeting cards?

For years, two types of greeting cards have reigned supreme: folded and flat. 

Both are great for any occasion, but if pressed, we’d agree that folded cards lend a bit more formality than flat postcards and that flat postcards may save a bit in postage and production. 

Holiday greeting card by Katie Crawford

A folded holiday greeting card by Katie Crawford.

Are there greeting cards for every occasion?

Holiday greeting cards are an excellent opportunity for businesses to express gratitude, touch base with existing clients, and reconnect with previous customers.

Greeting cards are popular at holiday time, but also year ’round and can be used for virtually any occasion . . .

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Save-the-Dates
  • Holidays
  • End-of-Year Occasions
  • Once-Per-Year Occasions
  • Special Announcements
  • Personal Thank Yous
  • Business Thank Yous

How to make a holiday greeting card?

Printing holiday greeting cards with your art is easier than you might expect. We defer to artist Katie Crawford to explain:

Turning art work into cards isn’t a difficult process, it just takes a little planning and attention to detail. Make sure to keep the size and proportions of the final card in mind before you start, and get a great digital photograph or scan once you are done.

Then find a printer who will work WITH you, from picking out the best paper for your project to making sure you are happy with the colors of the proof. If you are happy with all the steps in he process, you will be happy with the final product.

Katie turned her 8″ x 10″ watercolor painting “Bringing Home the Chestnut,” and many other pieces of original art, into holiday greeting cards using the process she outlined. Originals and notecards are available on Etsy.

A folded holiday greeting card from artist Katie Crawford incorporates her original art "Brining Home the Chestnut."

A folded holiday greeting card from artist Katie Crawford incorporates her original art “Brining Home the Chestnut.”

What are the components of a greeting card?

Need to make a holiday greeting card but don’t know where to begin? Start by breaking it down.

There are many options to explore when printing holiday, occasion, and special announcement greeting cards. Choices in color, paper, and ink are but a few items to consider.


At BambooInk, your choice of color—whether ink or paper—is limited only by your imagination.


When it comes to custom printed greeting cards, often, it’s the choice of paper that makes the biggest impact. Typically speaking, papers come in uncoated, dull/matte, and gloss.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to write on your special occasion cards, consider printing on uncoated stock to prevent smudges when you leave your John Hancock.
  • If photos or graphics take center-stage, a dull/matte stock might be the better way to go.

Looking for eco-friendly options? At BambooInk, we offer recycled paper as well as tree-free and sustainable paper options


Choice of ink impacts paper decisions and vice versa so don’t let the ink dry on a bad decision. For instance, if you are interested in printing your holiday card with metallic foils or metallic inks, consider printing on gloss stocks. Metallic inks can lose their metallic appearance when printed on uncoated or dull/matte stock.

Interested in eco-friendly inks? We have lots of options for vegetable-based and VOC-free inks.

How should holiday greetings be delivered?

When it comes to holiday greeting cards, embrace the postal service. 

Trust us, ’tis the season for tiny packages so door-to-door delivery is the way to go. It adds a personal touch and ensures your message won’t be lost, accidentally deleted, or inadvertently marked as spam in someone’s email inbox.

Don’t feel like messing with the hassle of postage and mailing?

Check us out.

BambooInk offers a wide variety of fulfillment services including packaging and mailing of flat or three-dimensional items. We also offer data preparation, insertion services, local delivery, as well as UPS, USPS & FedEx.

The best news of all?

When it comes to sending your seasons greetings, you don’t have to go it alone. Because hey, the holiday season is busy enough as it is. Let BambooInk handle the heavy lifting so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays.

Give us a ring. Or a click. 

Then kick back and enjoy the holidays.

To help to that end, here are more cute bearers of holiday cheer, courtesy of Katie Crawford.

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