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Brochures are marketing tools used to advertise goods and services. Often, the purpose of a brochure is to distribute information or promote a special event, but a brochure and its nifty folded design can be used for just about anything: menus, maps, invitations, presentation packaging—even resumes. There are many types of brochures and many ways to use a brochure.

Marketing brochures are an essential tool for business, and a great way to reach a large audience. Brochures are easy to design and there are countless brochure templates you can use that take advantage of popular folds, shapes, and sizes.

Why design a printed brochure?

A printed brochure is like a handshake. And like the “nice to meet you” that accompanies a handshake, printed brochures help create a solid first impression, open a conversation, and inspire a call to action.

At BambooInk, we believe an essential element in printed brochure design is partnering with the right printer. 

Why is printing custom brochures important?

Brochures are valuable marketing tools because they are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. They play an important role in boosting sales and building brand identity.

Printed brochures increase visibility, stimulate conversation, and often lead to sales.

Brochures printed with eye-catching, well-designed fonts, images, photos, illustrations, and icons help to inform, entertain, spark interest, and provoke action.

“A powerful brochure can educate its readers, convey good credibility and authority to the company, increase the target audience, and persuade consumers to take action.”

– Igor Ovsyannykov, Owner of InspirationFeed in “How to Design a Stunning Brochure: 30 Expert Tips and Templates” May 2, 2016.

How do you write a good brochure?

Writing a good brochure is easy if you remember a few simple guidelines. Remember to identify, address, and meet the needs of your customer when writing your brochure copy. Include essential, accurate business information and a call-to-action. Finally, make sure the font you use supports your brand’s identity.

Target your customer.

When designing your brochure, keep the focus on the customer. Consider writing the brochure copy from the reader’s point of view.

Before you write your brochure, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your customer want? 
  • What does your customer need? 
  • What motivates your customer? 
  • What concerns your customer?

Then ask: how does your organization meet those wants, needs, motivations, and concerns? Has the text copy in your brochure addressed these issues?

Include essential information.

A printed brochure should always include essential information about your business or organization:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Website URL
  • Email
  • Social media

Don’t forget the call-to-action.

A call-to-action (also called a CTA) encourages the person reading your brochure to perform a specific action. If you want them to contact your office to book an appointment, say so. And provide the phone number. If you want them to complete a survey, incorporate a survey card as part of your brochure design.

Here’s a quick list of the types of brochures that support call-to-actions:

  • Point-of-sale brochures 
  • Leave-behind brochures 
  • Direct mail brochures 
  • Sales support brochures 
  • Respond-to-inquiry brochures

Build brand identity.

When writing a brochure, keep your organization’s brand identity in mind. Write in a tone that supports the brand. Is that tone formal? Casual? Technical? Friendly? Select fonts and surrounding images that complement the words you’ve written while also conveying brand messaging.

What are the different types of folded brochures?

Folded brochures add visual interest and dimension. The fold also ensures the brochure can fit in an envelope. 

BambooInk offers the following folded brochure options, and we offer packaging services for both flat and three-dimensional items.

  • Half-fold
  • Single-gate fold
  • Double-gate fold
  • Classic tri-fold
  • Four-panel fold
  • Four-panel accordion fold
  • Four-panel roll fold
  • Z fold
  • De-cut Z fold
  • Five-panel accordion fold
  • Tri-fold + Half-fold
  • Tri-fold + Z fold
  • Eight-panel roll fold
  • Half-fold + Half-fold 
  • Sixteen-panel fold

Have a particular folded brochure project in mind? Would you like to see samples of folded brochures?

Shake hands with BambooInk.

Ready to get started with your brochure project? Contact us. We’re here to help. We enjoy shaking hands with nonprofits, educational institutions, small businesses, and state and local agencies and offering printing tips and client success stories. 

Get special printing promotions through our e-publication, THE HERON. Plus, you’ll receive a free BambooInk wall calendar. Snazzy!



Ovsyannykov, Igor. “How to Design a Stunning Brochure: 30 Expert Tips and Templates” May 2, 2016. Accessed September 4, 2018.

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