April 4, 2018



Even though we often connect online, professionals regardless of industry or niche still need business cards. All your contact information is given on one easy-to-carry piece of paper. It lets others experience your logo/brand. And because business cards are typically handed out by you, there’s also a direct connection between your brand and you––a real person.

So, how many business cards do you need?

For average networking professionals, you need 500 to 1000 business cards. Handing out two or three cards a day might seem like a lot. However, at one networking event, you might hand out 10 or 15. Because the cost-per-card is lower at those quantities, you can give them out more often. Be shameless with your business cards and hand them to anyone and everyone.

How can I print business cards inexpensively?

Print business cards digitally to reduce cost.  While fancy letterpress, 2-color, or embossed cards can make an impression, full-color business cards are also memorable. The cost per business card is lower, and printing business cards on our Canon digital press is faster, too, regardless of size. We can print business cards on our offset Komori or Ryobi presses, but it will make the cost per card higher.

What is the standard business cards size?

3.5” x 2” is standard business card size. Either vertical or horizontal. That is the final size after being trimmed, and it easily fits in a wallet. However, because we’re printing business cards digitally, we can print your business cards any size you want. Square business cards, or oblong shaped, stand apart from the rest. We also have the capabilities to die-cut or specialty-shape business cards to match your brand.

How do I keep printing costs low for business cards?

Paper, quantity, and the number of proofs all affect printing costs even for business cards. If images extend beyond the finished/trimmed size (known in printing as a bleed) then the number of cards we can fit on a sheet decreases, which might affect the price. Using coated or uncoated papers, recycled papers, or even bamboo paper (which is what we used for our own business cards) can affect the price, too.

At BambooInk, we’re happy to estimate costs for business cards for a few different quantities and on different papers for you. After all, making an enduring impression can begin with something as small as 3.5×2 inches.

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