August 9, 2018



In our Meet the Good Folks feature, we’ll introduce you to the BambooInk team, vendors, and clients who make our days productive and fun. 

All of our employees are friends, some of them are family, and each of them is incredibly experienced and sharp. David Frampton, account manager extraordinaire, has been part of the BambooInk team since 2017, and we stand by his claim to fame. It’s with great pleasure that we turn it over to David for our latest Meet the Good Folks interview.

What’s your claim to fame?

A big smile.

What’s the kindest act someone has done for you?

A family member cut me a check for my college tuition.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?


Where’s your favorite place in Richmond?

Any local park.


Many thanks to David! We hope you’ll take some time to get to know the rest of our crackerjack team. Meet the good folks of BambooInk. 
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